Hurricane Preparedness Pack Program

Since 2007, Meals On Wheels of Tampa has been helping prepare our seniors and homebound neighbors for hurricane season.  Every year in May, we provide shelf stable meals, water and shelter information to all our program recipients.

Many of us have a plan for what to do when and if a storm hits. However, for many of the seniors and homebound throughout our community, there is no plan. This population is at a much higher risk of danger during a storm since they cannot leave their homes or gather supplies easily.  The hurricane packs are vital and help provide peace of mind in case a normal meal delivery cannot be made due to a storm.

After experiencing Hurricane Irma in 2017, we are much more aware of how vulnerable our seniors and homebound are during extreme weather. Our goal is simple, to provide for those who cannot provide for themselves during a storm.

The 2021 Hurricane Preparedness Program was made possible by a generous donation from TECO.

Hurricane Preparedness Packs will be delivered Saturday, May 15, 2021.  

We thank TECO for so generously sponsoring the 2021 Hurricane Preparedness Program!!