High School Leadership Board (HSLB)

The mission of the Meals On Wheels of Tampa High School Leadership Board (HSLB) is to connect high school students with Meals On Wheels of Tampa and their community, through a variety of activities including volunteering, fundraising and program development.

A service-learning and leadership development group comprised of outstanding high school junior and senior students.

Developed in the Fall of 2015 to provide a unique opportunity for students who want to get more involved with a local non-profit, focused on senior hunger.

These students contribute to and inform Meals On Wheels of Tampa programming, while acting as ambassadors and leaders in their communities.


On February 3rd, 2018, the HSLB hosted the inaugural Meals On Wheels of Tampa 5K, Fun Run & Music Fest to raise funds for additional hurricane supplies for Tampa’s homebound. See more about the event here.

The High School Leadership Board (HSLB) developed and introduced Water on Wheels (WOW!) on May 21 2016, to encourage healthy hydration.

In order to continue impacting the health impact of WOW! on our recipients, 2016-2017 HSLB President, Maggie Fitzsimmons, took this project a step further, by applying and receiving the Lightning Community Heroes of Tomorrow award!

Learn more about WOW! here.

Interested in joining MOWTampa’s High School Leadership Board? Please call (813) 238-8410 or email S.TaylorPage@MOWTampa.org today!

HSLB at Breakfast
2017-2018 HSLB members John, Karina, Emily-Elizabeth, Gigi and Bo at the 2018 Nourish the Homebound Breakfast.

HSLB Members currently represent the following high schools:

2017-2018 Members
Top row: Karina Barcenas, Caitlyn Delgatto, Catie Clark, Scott Cutter, Alex Miller, Daniel Zegarra, John Robbins. Bottom row: Steve King, Lauren Vance

HSLB Members

  • John Robbins President, Senior, Jesuit High School
  • Hailey Eckerman Vice-President, Senior, Academy of Holy Names
  • Caitlyn Delgatto, Junior, H.B. Plant High School
  • Karina Barcenas Senior, Berkeley Preparatory School
  • Emily Grams, Junior, Berkeley Preparatory School
  • Bryce Guenther Junior, Tampa Preparatory School
  • Bo Blair Senior, Tampa Preparatory School
  • Catie Clark Senior, Tampa Preparatory School
  • Alex Miller Junior, Jesuit High School
  • Gigi Novello, Junior, Berkeley Preparatory School
  • Madeline Obregon Senior, Academy of Holy Names
  • Daniel Zegarra Junior, Jesuit High School
2016-2017 Members
Top row: Steve King, Maggie Fitzsimmons, Harrison Lorenzen, Caitlyn Delgatto, Catie Clark, Karina Barcenas. Bottom row: Sussanah Wertz, Maddie Obregon, Allison Blair, Bridget O’Carroll.

HSLB Members

  • Maggie Fitzsimmons Board President, Senior, H.B. Plant High School
  • Karina Barcenas Junior, Berkeley Preparatory School
  • Allison Blair Senior, Tampa Preparatory School
  • Bo Blair Junior, Tampa Preparatory School
  • Catie Clark Junior, Tampa Preparatory School
  • Hailey Eckerman Junior, Academy of Holy Names
  • Harrison Lorenzen Senior, Tampa Preparatory School
  • Ben Miller Senior, Jesuit High School
  • Madeline Obregon Junior, Academy of Holy Names
  • Bridget O’Carroll Senior, Berkeley Preparatory School
  • John Robbins Junior, Jesuit High School
  • Susannah Wertz Junior, Plant High School

MOWTampa Leadership

  • Steve King Executive Director, MOWTampa
  • Lauren Vance Director of Communications & Donor Relations, MOWTampa
2015-2016 Members
Top row: Bridget O’Carroll, Lauren Vance, Steve King, Harrison Lorenzen, Lexa Armstrong, Allison Blair, Ben Miller. Bottom row: Chandler Rodriguez, Suparna Narayan, Maggie Fitzsimmons.

HSLB Members

  • Lexa Armstrong, President, Senior, Tampa Preparatory School
  • Allison Blair, Junior, Tampa Preparatory School
  • Maggie Fitzsimmons, Junior, H.B. Plant High School
  • Harrison Lorenzen, Junior, Tampa Preparatory School
  • Ben Miller, Junior, Jesuit High School
  • Suparna Narayan, Junior, Hillsborough High School
  • Bridget O’Carroll, Junior, Berkeley Preparatory School
  • Chandler Rodriguez, Junior, Jesuit High School
  • Kathleen Tan, Junior, Hillsborough High School

MOWTampa Leadership

  • Steve King, Executive Director, MOWTampa
  • Lauren Vance, Director of Communications