To end hunger and isolation for Tampa’s homebound residents, we launched the MORE-THAN-A-MEAL Campaign to build a new facility to take us well into the future.  Thanks to the generous investment of many, we completed the new home for Meals On Wheels of Tampa in September 2020.  The new building is a dream come true – nearly double the size with a centerpiece of a purpose-built kitchen allowing us to expand our nutritional offerings and serve more people with greater efficiency.

The final phase of the project, a new parking lot, will be completed in November 2020.

With current health concerns due to COVID, we sadly must postpone our Grand Opening. Please watch for updates as to when we will host this exciting event.


From the bottom of our hearts, we thank the following lead donors to the MORE-THAN-A-MEAL Capital Campaign!

Joanne & Cyrus Spurlino · Cathy & Bob Smith · Susan & John Sykes · The Mosaic Company Foundation · Celia & Jim Ferman · Tom & Martha Azzarelli · James H. & Amy G. Shimberg Foundation

Anonymous · LV Thompson Family Foundation · Richard Behnke · Amber & Ed Bass · Kathy & Scott Fink · Element Engineering Group, Yvette & Derek Gil · Cindy & David Vann

The Lowry Murphey Family Foundation · Laura & Alden Sherman  Melaney & Edmund O’Carroll · Bretta Sullivan · Stephen King · Mary & Manuel Alvarez, Jr. · Sandra & Doug Tuttle

Laura & Kevin Walsh · Kristan & Paul Thomason · Laurel & Jim Fredlake · Dave Finkel · Jacqueline Preis · Hill Ward Henderson · Lowry Baldwin · Jacarlene Foundation · Ellen Stichter

Monica & Rufus Williams, IV · Theodore Barber & Company · Joan McKay · Jana & Maximillian Boehmer · Kathy & Kevin Ritchie · Garcia Family Foundation · Pro-Team Plumbing

Karen & Jonathan Levy · Elizabeth Krystyn · Linda Washington · Marshall Tucker · Doreen Greco Ide · William Walker · RMC Property Group · Mobilization Funding II

The Bank of Tampa · JVB Architects · Silikal · Wetherington Tractor Service, Inc.


The new Meals On Wheels of Tampa facility is 9,600 square feet with administrative office space and a generously sized commercial kitchen that produces meals to serve individuals in our community as well as other nonprofit organizations throughout Tampa. The new kitchen space also allows the opportunity to create new programs and menus that will enhance current services.  Meals On Wheels of Tampa is not only committed to improving community health, but also to improving environmental health through the achievement of LEED certification on their new headquarters.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is the most widely used green building standard in the world. LEED was created by the US Green Building Council in 1993 and has since transformed the green building industry. The design and construction teams made up of the architects, engineers, contractors, and LEED consultants worked together to create a sustainable and healthy space for Meals On Wheels of Tampa to continue their mission of improving community wellbeing.

Some of the sustainability features of this building include:

All water fixtures meet LEED water efficiency requirements and reduce indoor water use by over 35%

Through the use of native plantings and efficient irrigation techniques, outdoor water use was reduced by over 75%

Energy use was reduced by 18% compared to a similarly sized code-compliant building

The construction team diverted 87% of construction and demolition waste (over 80 tons worth) from going to the landfill

Low VOC building materials were used wherever possible (paints, finishes, adhesives, sealants, etc.)

The site is 40% open space with 66% of that being vegetated or covered by tree canopy, helping to naturally manage stormwater and providing a beautiful, green environment for employees and volunteers to enjoy

Paving and roof materials were chosen based on high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) values, reducing the site’s contribution to the urban heat island effect

Meals On Wheels of Tampa is committed to the betterment of the Tampa community.  We are grateful to the many individuals who help make our LEED certification a reality.