When Meals On Wheels of Tampa gives you carrots and potatoes, make gumbo. In addition to delivering fresh, hot meals to recipients every day, we also deliver a bag of produce once a month with our POW! (Produce On Wheels) program. With each bag of produce is a sheet describing the benefits of each produce and some different ways to prepare them.

During the last produce delivery, one of our recipients gave us a recipe! Donna was visiting one of her recipients in the Forrest Hills neighborhood when Lily shared what she did with her POW delivery the week before.

“I was visiting Lily today and she was so excited about the fresh vegetable deliveries she is receiving from MOW.” Donna informed us that Lily made a gumbo inspired meal from this month’s deliveries, which included sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini, squash, kiwi, bananas and oranges. Mrs. Lily said she was so excited about the produce and wanted to make something in her own kitchen. She cut the potatoes and carrots into bite-sized chunks and boiled some water. She also added a handful of rice. The smell started to fill the house as she added seasoning – salt, pepper, and Accent).

Lily shared the gumbo with friends and family who were all impressed with this simple and satisfying meal!

Lily’s Modified Gumbo

3 carrots – peeled and cut into chunks

Sweet potato – peeled and cut it into chunks

Drop them into a pot of water and boil until soft

Add a handful of rice

Add seasonings (salt, pepper, and other spices to own liking)

Cook until rice is soft and enjoy!


*You can also add squash, zucchini, beans, and other produce you may available.